ARCHiVe – Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice –  is a leading centre dedicated to the research for technology in the digital preservation of cultural heritage and archives. Our mission is to develop and use digital technologies for education and preservation, and to produce a new, interdisciplinary culture, enhanced by digital tools and freely accessible. We transfer the acquired technological skills through projects, publications, online and onsite courses, and scholarships.

ARCHiVe has an extensive network of collaborations with cultural and academic institutions worldwide. The annual educational programme, which is open to all, offers courses on the use of state-of-the-art hardware and software, the techniques for digitising cultural heritage, current research on cultural archiving methods, and new contemporary forms of creativity.

Point cloud of the Longhena staircase, extracted from photogrammetry data © Factum Foundation for ARCHiVe
Tonal map of the whole island of San Giorgio Maggiore © Factum Foundation for ARCHiVe
2D recording of a drawing from the Seguso Archive © Noemi La Pera
Colour calibration during the recording of tapestries from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini's collection © Francesca Occhi
Gabriel Scarpa recording the colour with composite photography © Joan Porcel
Recording Rare Books at ARCHiVe during the Academy workshop © Osama Dawod
Participants during an onsite lesson of the Academy © Joan Porcel
Digitisation process of an ancient copy of the Divine Comedy for the Dante 1491 project © Francesca Occhi

In 2018, Fondazione Giorgio Cini ONLUS, Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation, and the Digital Humanities Laboratory of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL-DHLAB) launched ARCHiVe, based on the Venetian Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. The Helen Hamlyn Trust is the supporting founder.