Recording the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore and its collections

Un ragazzo fotografa la facciata della chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore.
Recording with photogrammetry the facade of San Giorgio Maggiore Church © Otto Lowe for Factum Foundation
3D model of San Giorgio Maggiore Church © Factum Foundation
3D render of the altar in the San Giorgio Maggiore Church © Factum Foundation
Using LiDAR to record the Longhena Staircase at Fondazione Cini © Otto Lowe for Factum Foundation
3D render of the cloisters © Factum Foundation

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27 September 2021
Onsite at ARCHiVe / Online on Zoom
4pm — 6pm (CET) 


Participating in the celebrations for the 70th birthday of Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Adam Lowe and Frédéric Kaplan, introduced by Renata Codello, Secretary General of the foundation, presented the methods and technologies in use for the monitoring and recording of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore and the surrounding waters.
This presentation explains the 3D recording methods and the data processing actions to the audience at ARCHiVe, introducing the possibilities offered by these innovative techniques.

Adam Lowe explains the project of documenting the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, starting from the photogrammetry recording of the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore by Andrea Palladio, then of Fondazione Giorgio Cini architectures and spaces. Concludes Frédéric Kaplan explaining the process of analysis of recorded data, introducing to the idea of a “mirror world”.

This talk introduces the topics later developed in the course Three-dimensional digitization curated by Factum Foundation in 2021.


Adam Lowe

He is the director of Factum Arte and founder of Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Preservation. He was trained in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford and the RCA London. In 2001, Lowe moved to Madrid and created Factum Arte, a multidisciplinary workshop dedicated to digital mediation for the production of works for contemporary artists. Lowe founded Factum Foundation in 2009 with the aim of using Factum Arte’s innovative processes and technologies for preservation, high-resolution recording, education, and the development of thought-provoking exhibitions.
He has been an adjunct professor at the MS Historic Preservation at Columbia University, New York since 2016. In 2019, Lowe became a British Designer Industry, awarded by the British Royal Society of Arts.

Frédéric Kaplan

He directs the College of Humanities at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). He also holds the chair of Digital Humanities and is president of the Time Machine Organization, a non-profit organization of over 600 institutions. He is the author of a dozen books, translated into several languages, and more than a hundred scientific publications. His work has also been exhibited in several major museums, including the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Grand Palais, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.