The Replica 360 Recto/Verso is a cutting edge recording system designed and realised by Factum Foundation. Its first prototype was conceived for Fondazione Cini back in 2015 for the Replica Project when more than 700.000 photographic positives had to be digitised quickly and effectively.

The system includes a rotary table that continuously moves and records both sides of an object. Two operators work together to place and remove the documents, reducing manipulation time. The table is driven by a motor and a sensor system detects when a document is placed on the glass surface. Two high-resolution cameras with specially designed lighting units capture both sides of a document at 400 DPI, allowing for the digitisation of 12 documents per minute. Everything is connected to a computer for remote acquisition control and data managing.

Replica is a revolutionary tool for recording massive quantities of loose documents of medium-small format such as archival documents of different sort (correspondance, notes, small drawings, photographic positives,…).